Amplify Your Real Estate Listings

We are excited to introduce our new Artificial Intelligence audio / visual / language luxury showcase technology for your real estate listings.

  • Our AI luxury showcase pages translates your listings into over 57 languages with closed captions, delivering a luxury experience in the language of your clients choice.
  • Comes with social sharing capabilities, links and QR Codes.
  • All automatically delivered to you through MLS provider or email!
  • For US and International properties not suited for MLS – there is a manual upload! (or that we do not currently receive a listing data feed)

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For International - when you create your account … if our system does not recognize your language, you can set your language under your profile settings.

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To receive the discounted rate, select Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices as your Brand Name under AFFILIATIONS when setting up your profile.

What is DO AudioTours™

DO AudioTours™ is a Multi-Language Artificial Intelligence audio /visual showcase experience that amplifies your real estate listing. This tool provides additional information for consumers and allows you to differentiate yourself through the power of AI for real estate.

Research shows the audio is an effective way to bond which is critical for prospects and difficult to do online. DO AudioTours™ uses a patented interface to connect directly with a property’s listing.

An affordable alternative to video, this tool delivers an audio description plus closed captioning, multi-language support and ADA-friendly components that bring a property to life. Do AudioTours™ capitalizes on an agent’s knowledge and personal insights as a competitive advantage.

Click on the Language Drop Down!

How It Works

Once your listing data is integrated, agents’ property listings automatically show up in DO AudioTours™– we will then process those listings with our AI technology and deliver to your email inbox your automated Tours. In the email you can share to all your socials and more. There is also a upload feature for properties that may not be suitable for MLS.

Your Showcase Page that looks great and makes sharing easy! With one tool, agents can deliver an audio description plus closed captioning, multi-language support, and ADA-friendly components for each of their listings.

AudioTour Showcase Pages are shareable everywhere!

  • Add to the MLS listing
  • Share on social media
  • In email marketing
  • In text messages

Bring Your Listings To Life

For Everyone!

We’re committed to Accessibility & Fair Housing in real estate.

By bringing Audio, Visual and Multi-Language experiences to buyers online, we enable agents to better serve visually impaired and multilingual communities.

The Story Behind DO AudioTours™

DirectOffer is dedicated to helping real estate professionals showcase themselves while making the dream of homeownership accessible to everyone. The company’s focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is driving our development of affordable agent-centric Generation C, ADA-friendly, multi-language technology that makes it easier for people to buy and sell homes.

The inspiration for AudioTours comes directly from our CEO’s daughter Abby. Read more about how AudioTours can help make the home ownership process more equal for everyone.

Amplify Your Real Estate Listings

AI generated multi language for your listings. Connecting your listing around the globe.

Try it now for free!

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